Monthly Archives: October 2017

The payday loan rule could change in 2019

Consumers who are caught in a financial crisis may one day avoid the payday loan store and turn to banks and credit unions for cheap, quick-repair loans. This is a possibility raised by consumer advocates who want to end the horrific triple-digit rates that are being charged to vulnerable consumers …

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CFPB Ends Many Payday Loans – Where Will Consumers Go Next?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Thursday released a final version of its payday loan rules. “The new CFPB rule puts an end to the payday debt traps plaguing communities across the country,” said CFPB director Richard Cordray. “Too often, borrowers who need cash quickly find themselves trapped in loans …

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New rule asks if borrowers can afford payday loans

Lenders who offer payday loans and other small advances to cash-strapped consumers must first consider whether borrowers can afford to pay off debt under a long-awaited federal rule finalized on Thursday. The rule, adopted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, would also reduce repeated attempts by lenders to debit payments …

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