Monthly Archives: October 2019

The explosion of personal loans is a worrying sign

We all know that US debt levels continue to reach tragic levels year after year. According to a recent study by The Balance, the average US household credit card debt stood at $8,398 per household in June 2019. Student loan debt levels have become a $1.5 trillion crisis , and …

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Congress should cap interest on payday loans

Patrick Rosenstiel’s recent essay on Community Voices said interest rate cap policies would create a less diverse and less inclusive economy. It states that “consumers who turn to small lenders for high-interest loans are making informed choices for their personal financial well-being.” I couldn’t disagree more, based on my years …

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5 Benefits of Instant Online Loans and How They Can Help You Save Money

The times have changed; now almost anything can be done online, including banking, credit card applications, and loan applications. In the past, consumers had little choice when it comes to loans. They could go to a bank or a building society. Today we have something called online Instant guaranteed loans …

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