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Your first task is to decide whether a federal or private parental loan is right for you. If you need federal loan protections or your credit is damaged, a PLUS loan is probably a better choice.

The federal government performs credit checks on PLUS loan borrowers, but looks for specific negative marks. The government will consider you to have “bad credit history” if you have one or more of the following on your credit report:

  • Debts totaling more than $ 2,085 that are at least 90 days past due or that were in collection or written off within the past two years
  • In the past five years, a:
    – Default determination
    – Bankruptcy
    – foreclosure
    – Repossession
    – Tax privilege
    – Wage garnishment
    – Repayment of a federal student aid debt

But if you learn that you have an adverse credit history after you apply, you can explain the circumstances leading up to it, and the government could determine that you are eligible for a PLUS loan after receiving loan advice. . Another option is to get an endorser, similar to a co-signer, who can help you qualify. Finally, your child may be eligible for additional direct unsubsidized federal loans to help pay for their education if you cannot get a PLUS parent loan.

If you’ve decided to take out a private student loan, parents typically have higher credit than undergraduates who haven’t had time to build their own credit history. This means that in the eyes of lenders, they are less risky borrowers than students and receive corresponding interest rates.

But when comparing interest rates between lenders, be aware that only borrowers with the highest credit scores, the least outstanding debts, and the highest incomes will get the lowest rates. Additionally, all of the rates listed here include a standard 0.25% interest rate discount for using automatic payments.

It’s best to identify the interest rate and terms you would receive on a private loan, then compare the overall cost and features with those of a PLUS loan. A student loan calculator can help you figure out how much you’ll be paying over time.

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