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Secured Rate has announced the launch of its new end-to-end digital personal loans. Online applications for these lightning-fast digital loans take just 10 minutes to complete, and customers can receive up to $50,000 within hours, the company said.

The Guaranteed Rate indicates that with rising interest rates and soaring inflation, many Americans are looking for the fastest and most efficient ways to consolidate their high-interest debt and gain access to low-interest funds that they can use for home improvements or other life projects. They say their new personal loans solve those needs in record time. These loans offer low rates (from 5.74% APR*), a super-simple online application that takes just minutes, and flexible repayment options from 1 to 5 years, the company said.

“Guaranteed Rate’s formidable Fintech platform is designed to provide our clients with fast and frictionless financial products,” said Victor Ciardelli, President and CEO of Guaranteed Rate. “And our new end-to-end digital personal loans are a fantastic example of that. In less than 10 minutes, customers can complete our online application and receive their money within hours without any human contact.

Guaranteed Rate’s new end-to-end digital personal loans are initially available by invitation only in 10 states (AL, CA, FL, GA, IL, MA, MO, NJ, OH and TX), with plans to expand quickly to the rest of the country, the company said. Amounts for these loans range from $4,000 to $50,000, with fixed rates starting at 5.74% APR. Guaranteed rate personal loans have no fees – no origination fees, no NSF fees and no late fees. Funds are received in a lump sum and payments can be made over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, according to a statement.

“Personal loans are a very smart way for customers to reduce the cost of high-interest credit card debt or help fund unexpected purchases,” said Anand Cavale, executive vice president of Guaranteed. Rate and charge unsecured loan products. “We know customers need and want their money quickly and they want the process to be simple and hassle-free. Our new personal loan product over-meets these needs. »

Guaranteed Rate says its new digital personal loans are just one example of the new fintech solutions the company is developing. “Guaranteed Rate’s technical team is focused on delivering the industry’s best and most efficient, fast and easy-to-use Fintech solutions that have never been available before. We listened to our customers and gave them what they want and need,” says Ramesh Sarukkai, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Guaranteed Rate.

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