Payday Loans In Texas: Compare The Alternatives First

A payday loan is not your only option when you need quick cash. Residents of Texas can access local and regional resources, including financial aid and small loans, to help cover emergency expenses, from utilities to medical bills.

Here are alternatives to online and in-store payday loans in Texas. NerdWallet recommends contacting the organizations listed below to see if you are eligible for assistance.

How to use the service

Utilities, rent, general financial health

Rent, transport, utilities

Additional options to consider

If local resources aren’t available to you, there are other options when you need the cash. Take our quiz to explore these alternatives:

What to Know About Payday Loans in Texas

If you’ve weighed alternatives and still want a payday loan, you should know that the payday loan industry in Texas is much less regulated than in other states. There are local ordinances in some cities that restrict lending practices, but state-level legislation has failed in recent years.

  • Consumers in Texas get payday loans from entities called credit access companies, which are basically brokers between borrowers and unlicensed third-party lenders.

  • At the state level, there is no maximum amount that you can borrow.

  • The maximum interest paid to the third party lender is 10%, but the rates and fees charged by the payday lender are not capped.

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