Police arrest scammer entangling hundreds of IPB students in online loans

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Bogor police arrested a woman with the initials SAN, a suspected scammer, who entangled hundreds of students from the Agricultural University of Bogor (IPB) in online loans.

“We are still investigating the suspect (SAN). This has led to a name of another (suspect),” Bogor Police Chief Iman Imanuddin said in Cibinong, Bogor Regency on Thursday, November 17, 2022 .

He mentioned the arrest of suspect SAN, which came after police interviewed several witnesses who said they were tricked into an online loan with an investment in an online store.

Bogor Police are still investigating the case and have been unable to reveal in detail the timeline of SAN’s arrest and his role in the activities that allegedly caused billions of rupees in losses.

Iman said he is still investigating whether other people have helped the SAN organize these activities. Is the other person active and aware of the investment offer from the start? “If that can be accomplished, then they can also be subjugated as accomplices,” Iman said.

Previously, Bogor Police had received two official reports and 29 complaints filed by 311 students of the Agricultural Institute of Bogor (IPB) who claimed they were tricked into online loans after investing in an online store while on offered them a profit of 10%. But the students did not get the promised benefit.

The total money involved was 2.1 billion rupees. Regarding the investment program, SAN would have offered online collaboration with a profit sharing of 10% per month.

The requirement was that the victims must apply for the loans online. In total, there were five online loan platforms used by students. The loan money was then transferred to the SAN.

It turned out that SAN did not pay out the benefits to the students as promised. To date, IPB students are obligated to repay the loan.

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