West Jakarta Police Investigate Two Reports of Illegal Online Loans

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Police in West Jakarta received two reports of illegal online lending over the past month that had become a source of public concern.

“We have now received two reports. Now we will prioritize dealing with these reports,” West Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit chief Joko Dwi Harsono said on Tuesday.

According to Harsono, the two current reports handled by the police focus only on criminal acts committed by debt collectors and do not address the legality aspects of the business.

“Is there a threat or spread of personal data belonging to the customer? Then, if there are vulgar photos that are released, we can also charge for them,” Harsono noted.

For now, both reports are still under investigation. His administration will interview several witnesses and search for evidence relating to the alleged crime.

Harsono also informed that his administration has received several complaints from the public regarding the disturbing practice of illegal online lending services.

“There are several complaints. Some are complaints, while others are reports. If it is a report, it means that after the results of the verification, the evidence has been submitted and completed. “, he explained.

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On October 14, 2021, Greater Jakarta Police raided the office of an illegal loan company at a store in Cipondoh District, Tangerang City.

“Today we raided PT ITN in a four-story store. Based on the raids, it was discovered that PT ITN had used 13 apps. About ten of them are illegal apps,” Jakarta Metro Police Public Relations Officer Chief Commissioner Yusri Yunus said last Thursday in Jakarta.

Police arrested 32 people, including company management and employees, during the raid, he noted.

They were taken to the Greater Jakarta Police Department for questioning as part of the investigation, he noted.

Yunus warned the public not to be easily tempted by illegal online loan offers.

“It is an example for the public who do not let themselves be tempted by this fintech offer, because at the beginning, they offered a good offer, but then they trap their customers”, he underlined.

Police also raided a store in Cengkareng, west Jakarta, on October 13, 2021, which is believed to have served as an office for a loan union.

Some 56 employees of the credit and collection service were apprehended and questioned.

Police confiscated several pieces of evidence, such as 52 computers and 56 cell phones, during the raid.

Financial services authorities have confirmed that the online loan service is illegal as a result of which the police decided to search their base of operations.

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